Yes, you can delete stuff from the internet

Remove information from webpages or take the page, article, post, review, or video down completely.

What exactly do we mean by delete?

“Deleting” can be split up into two distinct types, we can look over your content together and decide which one would work better in your case.

Page Removal

When we remove a page, it will disappear from the URL completely. This means that when you enter the page address it will return a 404 “page not found” error.
For example, if we remove, the next time anyone enters that address in their browser or clicks to that page from an external link, the page will not be there.

Content Removal

When removing the entire page isn’t the best option, we focus on removing just the negative content and/or the client’s name and information from the article, post, etc.
For example, if we remove information about a client’s real estate business from webpage, the page will still be there, but any reference to the business and the client will no longer be there.

What kind of content can we remove?

We can remove (almost) anything.  Here are a few examples of content we often work on.

Website Pages

Complete website pages or specific content on those websites - usually the client’s name, business, or negative commentary.

Consumer Reviews

Product review websites, online store ratings and comments, local business review platforms like Glassdor, Tripadvisor, Yelp and more.

News Articles

Local, national, and international press publications including online newspapers, magazines, and news reports.

Industry Forums

Industry review forums, particularly in finance and trading. Product review forums, blogs, and communities.


Videos from public Youtube and Vimeo channels, as well as other video hosting websites.

Social Media

Text, image and video based posts on social profiles. Comments, reviews, and other user generated content.

Personal Forums

Forums and website posts about individuals of a personal nature (Cheaterland, etc.)

Scam and Complaint Websites

Ripoff Report complaints, HolySmoke scam reviews, and similar unsatisfied customer websites.​

Blog Posts

Personal and professional blogs from individual websites or blogging platforms.

Don’t see what you need on our list? We can probably still take it down.

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